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Young Utahns need to know about consent and sexual violence in a real-world way, panel says

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Romeo Jackson believes the best way to teach young people about consent and sexual violence is to put the concepts in a context they can understand. For example, they need to understand how consent might be sought and given in a crowded club when both people are drunk, said Jackson, a graduate student in the University of Utah’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy. “I think we need to then fit our conversations into what students are actually doing and experiencing in their lives so ...

Resurrected school truancy bill dies again in the Utah Senate

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Utah Senators gave a decisive vote of opposition on Monday to a bill that failed the chamber last week but was kept alive through legislative maneuvering. The Senate voted 13-16, short of the majority needed to approve SB115, which sought to end the criminal penalties for parents of truant children. While truancy citations are rare, and typically used to compel school attendance and dialogue with administrators, bill sponsor Sen. Jacob Anderegg, R-Lehi, said contempt of court and other complic...

Struggling students forced to wait as Utah's public colleges don't have enough therapists

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David Bush can’t pinpoint the exact reason, but he’s seen more students than ever before in Utah State University’s counseling center asking for help. It could be that the stigma associated with mental illness is dissipating. It could be that higher expectations have led to more stress and anxiety. Or it could even be that instant access to news is overwhelming and unsettling, said Bush, director of USU’s Counseling and Psychological Services. But whatever the reason, USU’s counselors are bei... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>

Senate panel clings to school grading despite push to end practice

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A brewing showdown over school grading may have ended Friday, when the Senate Education Committee voted to stop a bill from reaching the Senate floor that would end the controversial practice of awarding letter grades to schools. Both the House and Senate have passed legislation aimed at reforming school grading — HB241 and SB220, respectively. But while both proposals would broaden the performance areas used to measure school quality, HB241 would end the practice of assigning a single letter ... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>

Senate combines property tax freeze, school funding equalization proposals

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Senators played matchmaker on Friday, joining a bill to raise money for education with a dormant proposal to equalize school district funding. The Senate gave a preliminary vote of 26-0 to SB255, which would freeze the statewide property rate and capture roughly $21 million for schools — and potentially more each year — through inflation. But before that vote, the bill was substituted to include elements of SB80, which aims to supplement school districts with low property tax yields by creating... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>


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