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Students, advocates want Salt Lake City schools to push back against deportation raids

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Students and community organizers are asking the Salt Lake City School District to take a stand against the deportation of undocumented Utahns. At Tuesday’s meeting of the district school board, the advocacy group Unidade Inmigrante plans to present a resolution urging the district to maintain the privacy of student-citizenship records and to demand warrants for any Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) actions carried out on school grounds. “We just want to make sure we’re keeping our stude... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>

State School Board would lose ability to reject new charters under bill OK'd by committee

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New charter schools would no longer need the approval of the Utah Board of Education to open their doors under a bill that gained committee approval Thursday. Under SB223, the State Charter School Board would continue to review and authorize new charter applications. But once an application is authorized, the state school board would have the option to either consent to the charter board’s decision, or return the decision to the charter board for further consideration. “It’s not just a flat-o...

Senate committee approves updates to school grading system

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Utah schools would still be labeled with a letter grade under a bill that gained committee approval on Thursday. But the grading system would no longer be set on a curve that restricts the number of high-achieving campuses, and greater emphasis would be placed on growth in student test scores. The Senate Education Committee voted unanimously to advance SB220 to the full Senate for debate. Another bill, HB241, is awaiting debate in the House and would end the state’s practice of assigning lette...

Senate committee supports lesser penalties for school truancy

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Failing to send a child to school could earn a parent an infraction, down from a Class B misdemeanor, under a bill OK’d Thursday by a committee. SB115 would lower the criminal penalty for truancy, a relatively rare but occasionally used tool to motivate school attendance, with subsequent offenses in a single school year rising to a Cass C misdemeanor. Bill sponsor Sen. Jacob Anderegg, R-Lehi, said there is a need to remove the criminal element from compulsory education issues. “Let’s keep it ou...

House panel gives unanimous support to campus free speech bill

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A bill protecting free speech rights on public college and university campuses sailed through committee with a unanimous vote on Thursday. HB54 designates the outdoor areas of a campus as public forums, and allows for legal action if expression is limited in those areas without narrowly-tailored, viewpoint-neutral criteria. Bill sponsor Rep. Kim Coleman, R-West Jordan, said there have been instances where campus administrators have limited speech to certain areas, or required prior approval fo...

Jesse Shepherd

News in Price, Utah -

COLUMBIA-Jesse “Shep” Byron Shepherd, 81, owner and operator of the Sunny Bowl and Shepherds Café passed away February 15, 2017

Bill to give teachers at low-income schools a bonus clears Utah House committee without a vote to spare

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It’s human nature to look for work environments that are safe and comfortable, Weber State University education professor Forrest Crawford said Wednesday. But in the context of schools, Crawford said, that natural inclination results in many of Utah’s best teachers working in affluent and homogeneous classrooms that have fewer academic needs. “Teachers are not necessarily inclined to graduate from a program and go to a high-risk [school],” he said. “We have to be able to encourage that in as man...

Utah bans 'advocacy of homosexuality' in the classroom. This bill would strike that law.

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If there is a problem with Utah’s sex education law, Sen. Stuart Adams said Tuesday, it should be the Legislature, and not the courts, that fixes it. “I don’t really love the fact that courts have the opportunity to legislate,” said Adams, R-Layton. “We need to do that job.” Adams was referring to a lawsuit filed against the Utah Board of Education by Equality Utah, which challenges a prohibition in Utah law against “the advocacy of homosexuality” during classroom discussions. The senator is spo...

House committee approves bill to end Utah school grading

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Utah’s school grading system launched with good intentions of helping schools, Rep. Marie Poulson, D-Cottonwood Heights, said Monday, But six years of the controversial and perennially-altered program has produced little more than a socio-economic survey of students and frustrating moving targets for teachers, she said. “School grading has become the public shaming of hardworking schools and educators,” Poulson said. “Basically, it’s a zip code system.” On Monday, members of the House Educati...


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