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Disaster simulation offers residents a trial run at community chaos

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At 4:48 a.m. Saturday, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake shook Mountain Town, USA, damaging roads and homes, knocking out power and cell phone service, and causing flooding due to a water main break. By 6 a.m., the governor had declared a state of emergency, and volunteers and relief organizations were working to set up shelters, distribute resources and provide medical care to the injured. “We’ve lost our daughter,” said Grace McMullin. “Roads are down. Phones are down.” Of course, there is no Mounta...

New concerns surface as Vineyard charter school reports on probation status

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Representatives of Vineyard’s Franklin Discovery Academy drew additional scrutiny on Friday as they gave their first report since the school was placed on probation. Last month, the state charter school questioned whether the school should continue to operate due to concerns of student safety, operational dysfunction and financial mismanagement, and gave Franklin Discovery administrators until June to resolve those concerns. On Friday, the school’s monthly presentation sparked a debate over a p...

Utah Charter School Board votes to stay out of Draper property dispute

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Utah’s state Charter School Board won’t take part in an ongoing legal dispute between Draper’s American Preparatory Academy and a neighboring industrial park. The school’s governing board, Utah Charter Academies, had asked the state Charter School Board to intervene on its behalf and use the legal power of eminent domain to condemn and claim a narrow piece of land that blocks access to American Preparatory Academy’s parking lot. But after more than an hour of closed-door debate, charter board... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>

Dispute over Utah charter school property forcing question of eminent domain authority

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A Utah charter school group is asking the state charter school board to settle a longstanding property dispute through eminent domain. The board is scheduled to discuss Friday whether to intervene in the conflict over road access on behalf of Utah Charter Academies, which oversees the American Preparatory Academy network of charter schools. At issue is a narrow strip of land in Draper that runs along the south side of an American Preparatory Academy parcel and renders it functionally landlocked...

Jordan School District eyes $10 million boost to teacher pay

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Teachers in Jordan School District are about to see more green for their time at the blackboard. Representatives of the district’s school board and education association are nearing agreement on a package of salary reforms that would pump roughly $10 million into teacher compensation. Both groups support the broad contours of the plan and are scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss final details. If those revisions are accepted by the union, school board president Janice Voorhies said, the board ...

Salt Lake City School District commits to protecting privacy of undocumented students

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Members of the Salt Lake City School District board took a stand against the harassment and deportation of undocumented students on Tuesday, voting unanimously for a safe schools resolution pushed by an immigration advocacy group. The resolution directs district employees to reject efforts by individuals or agencies to enforce federal immigration law on school grounds, “except in the rarest cases,” and to avoid collecting or maintaining information on the immigration status of individual studen...

Gov. Herbert touts work-related school programs in Utah

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Gov. Gary Herbert wants Utah to continue improving its school system — and he said Tuesday pairing education and the private sector furthers that goal. Herbert on Tuesday announced that $2.1 million in grants would be available to “develop and enhance programs to meet industry needs, build career pathway programs and provide work-based learning opportunities,” according to a news release. “All our sectors are growing and we have an opportunity to bring together these sectors and education,” Herb...


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