By the year 2016, everyone should know the name Nintendo. Whether you heard about it from your children, grandkids or due to the fact that you own one of their consoles in some way or another. After the videogame crash of 1983, Nintendo took a risk and developed a gaming system that would change the game forever. The release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983 (NES) restarted the entire gaming industry and still is an iconic revolutionary moment for Nintendo. The 8-bit system covered the market and was unrivaled by any of the competition.
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America is a powder-keg of anger, by far we are the angriest group of people in the history of the planet. Everyday many of us become enraged at anything and everything that contradicts our own subjective worldview, nothing is safe from our righteous indignation. Perhaps the most commonly spoken phrase among the angriest of Americans is, “if you come to my country, learn to speak the language!” Which is, of course, a ridiculous statement. Why? Well, because English is ridiculous itself.
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Dear Editor: As a student of USU Eastern, I want to express my disappointment in a recent change to the new website for our beloved campus in Price, Utah. Before that change to the website of, a person would come across a picture of a student with the option to either visit the Price campus website or the Blanding campus website. Now when you visit the stated website, a newer version pops up.
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The idea of facing Melanie in a closed room with a child involved doesn’t appeal to me. But what other choice do I have? It’s my job to make sure that children are safe, and where they belong. Just because I think the king is an idiot, the idea of Prince Bradmir in the hands of a fairy as messed up as Melanie sickens me even more. I clenched my fist. On the bright side, if Melanie still believes that the prince is useful to her she wouldn’t dare use any really powerful magic in fear of hurting him.
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Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night! Last November, Donald Trump, 2016 Republican presidential candidate hosted the famous late night television show despite protests from many Americans. Since then, Donald Trump has only gotten stronger in his campaign, with fellow Marco Rubio dropping out of the race, leaving only Cruz, Carson, and Kasich to fight Trump. Hillary Clinton is also drastically leading the primaries on the Democratic side of things against Bernie Sanders winning Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, and Florida on March 15th, while Sanders didn’t win anything.
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I wanted this article to reflect the humorous side to me; I’m a pun master, I tell amazing jokes and I am witty as Hell. But these last few days have been sobering and hard. I am obtaining my sexual assault advocate training from the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and it is mentally exhausting. Instead of writing my piece on dogs filled with dad jokes and bad puns, I am writing on sexual violence, yet again.
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In 1970, San Diego held the first Comic-Con. It was called the Golden State Comic-Con and drew in about 300 people. The Golden State Comic-Con was initially held for comics’ fans. Now 46 years later, this tradition is still being celebrated. Today the convention averages well past 100,000 attendants annually.
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The NCAA March Madness tournament has taken off and is running full-steam ahead. We are seeing immense feats of athleticism. These athletes astound us with their abilities and what they can do and we celebrate the work they do to get there. With all this praise we lose sight of what it really means to be a student-athlete.
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