Eagles’ Fitch eager to throw first pitch of 2018


This archived article was written by: Jarrett Hunt

Baseball season is upon us and second-year-freshman pitcher, Zach Fitch is excited to get back onto the diamond. Fitch is coming off of Tommy John Surgery, a surgery mainly for baseball pitchers. The surgery repairs a torn UCL ligament, and the recovery time for the operation is roughly a year. “Surgery is never fun, but the hardest part is not being able to be out on the field with my teammates.”
Fitch received a medical redshirt last year after having surgery in early January. “ I wanted to make sure I was able to return for the beginning of this season, I had to go through months of extensive rehab and hard work, but I am back ready to play.” He returned to the diamond this past weekend when the Eagles were playing in Las Vegas, making two appearances on the mound and struck out three hitters in two innings of work. “It went well, I planned it going a little better but I know what I need to work on and my arm is still healing. I will continue to get better everyday and am excited for the year,” He said.
Tommy John taught Fitch two things: the importance of working hard and to have patience. “When rehabbing elbow surgery, you can’t just rush through physical therapy or the injury will never heal; you have to work hard and push the pain to the limit in order for it to heal properly. It is a process that’s take forever and it sucks to have to watch the game from the sideline, I am not a patient person but this injury has improved my patience.”
He did not go through this surgery alone and would like to thank a few people. “ I have to thank my parents for sticking with me and making this possible, my doctor who did such a great job on the surgery and helped me understand what was going on and lastly my physical therapist at TOSH (The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital), I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”
Eagles Go 1-3 Opening Weekend
The team opened play this weekend with a tough schedule against three top twenty teams.
The Eagles won their season opener by upsetting Arizona Western late in the game, 6-5. This was the lone win of the tournament but the Eagles stayed with some of the nations best teams and turned some heads this weekend.
“This weekend was a success, we competed in every game and we learned what we need to work on. Our pitchers need to be more consistent in the strike zone, and our fielding could use some work. We could have won every game this weekend if we didn’t beat ourselves,” said Head Coach Scott Madsen