Utah education news

A Utah principal concerned about hungry children over the holiday break collects enough cereal to feed five elementary schools

Students at Oquirrh Elementary School received boxes of cereal to take home over the winter break. Principal Shauna Worthington, with help from the Utah Food Bank and community donors, collected 2,700 boxes of cereal for a project intended to help feed low-income school children. It was enough to give boxes to students at five elementary schools.

Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga’s campus without telling police

On the surface, Father James Poole seemed like the cool priest in Nome, Alaska. He founded a Catholic mission radio station that broadcast his Jesuit sermons alongside contemporary pop hits. A 1978 story in People magazine called Poole “Western Alaska’s Hippest DJ. Comin’ at Ya with Rock ’n’ Roll ’n’ Religion.”