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Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 8:38pm

There are many things a freshman must figure out when coming to college. When are classes, where’s class, what’s happening, where do I go for music and news about what’s happening on campus? While many of these questions are probably already answered, how many of you have found the college radio station? The station functions as your source for entertainment and information regarding what’s happening at USU Eastern.

  Founded in 2002, 89.7 The Edge has been playing the latest college/alternative hits, information about what is happening on campus, and bringing live concerts to campus for a decade. The station is staffed by Eastern students and runs 24-hours a day.

Broadcasting at 89.7 mHz on the FM band, The Edge is often missed by radio listeners who are trained to look for radio stations outside of the “public radio zone”.

Sandwiched between two NPR affiliate stations listeners will find very different programming than one normally expects on the left side of the dial. Specializing in alternative format music, and local bands, the station’s programming tries to stay as current as any commercial station playing the same format of music. If you are joining the Eastern population from the Wasatch Front, you will find the station’s music comparable to that found on X96 or 101.9 The End.

The staff at The Edge will be happy to promote any and all campus events. If you wish to have help promoting an event, you can contact the station at (435) 613-5669, [email protected] usu.edu or find the station on Facebook.

Students interested in joining the staff of 89.7 The Edge can do so by signing up for JCOM 1560, Broadcast Production (Radio). The course is taught both fall and spring semesters.

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