Aguila to publicize upcoming events

Posted Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 7:00pm

Eastern Student Association started the school year off by welcoming each incoming freshman with the first issue of the Aguila. 

The Aguila, Spanish for the Eagle, is a monthly newsletter written and funded by ESA.  Each month, The Aguila will be sent to each student’s email address, giving them access to the entire publication online.  Students can look to these monthly publications to familiarize themselves with upcoming events, as well as student services offered. 

The Aguila will also respond to student requests.  Its writers will be polling students for questions to ask as they interview faculty, staff and administration.  ESA is publishing The Aguila to familiarize the student body with everything the campus has to offer them. This includes people, places, resources and activities.  The objective of the Aguila is to give students information needed to improve their college experience.  As far as future publications, USU Eastern Student Association welcomes student input and suggestions for content matter, they will publish whatever students want to know. 

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