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Now I wouldn't consider my self to be a great baseball player, slightly above average is more like it. I played four years of high school ball and never was a stand out, not many people knew who number 34 was out in Hunter High's pasture of a right field. It was a struggle for me, and my team mates to stay above and get the victory. And in the end we all failed my senior year falling short of a state Tournament birth, even with an incredibaly talented line up that had few if any holes.

I mention this because there is a young man who plays ball for Wayne High School, which housed the 1-A state champion baseball team. And My team mates and me all went through high school baseball playing with both our arms. Porter Ellett of Wayne paralyzed his right arm when he fell out of a truck at the age of four.

This may seem improbable but after a life of only a single working arm, the pressures of baseball must seem to be nothing to the high schooler, who pitched a one hitter against the hard hitting Panguitch High School. Striking out ten Panguitch batters, Ellett had them consistently fooled with the bender, to send Wayne to the Title Game against St. Joseph.

Then if pitching wasn't a feat of its own, Porter was also Wayne's first basemen when not on the bump. As well as doing his part at the plate, belting in two RBI singles in the championship game. So once again, my hat is of to an amazing young man who is likely to be an inspiration to all that surround him.

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I am Porter Elletts' mom. I just wanted to thank you for the kind things you said about Porter. If you like baseball? Come and watch the Wayne High Badgers, we hope to be playing in the State Tournament the first week of Oct. at UVSC.

Thanks again,