Ambassadors given recruitment goals

Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 7:55pm

Eastern has the least name recognition of any other institution in the state, according to Greg Dart, director of enrollment services. “We’ve got to market better than anyone in the state and that’s what we plan to do,” Dart said speaking of the USU Eastern ambassador team.

Last year, 2011-2012, 98 potential students attended the seven Eagle Experiences planned to come onto the Eastern campus and see how their life could be. As of Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, exactly 500 potential students were signed up for the seven Eagle Experiences planned for this year. Dart said, “These numbers are nothing short of amazing.”

Eagle Experience is a vital part of recruiting of USU Eastern. Someone who has visited a college campus is four times more likely to enroll. Someone who goes on an overnight visit to a campus has an 80 percent likelihood of enrolling for the fall semester.

New strategies have taken over the ambassador presentation to the many college days attended throughout the year. Rather than a presentation of facts and figures, such as tuition costs, ambassadors give potential students a look into what life is really like on the USU Eastern campus. An outline of a very involved student’s life is shared to demonstrate how students can be a “somebody” at Eastern and have opportunities to do what they love. “What do we do better than anyone else?” is the question Dart says he asks himself when recruiting. Student experience and involvement is the answer to that question, and what the team focuses on.

At college days, where recruiters from all the colleges visit high schools, and prospective students fill out their information on an iPad using the “Forms” application. They can also sign up for Eagle Experience. Information submitted through Forms is electronically filed. A follow-up email will be sent within 12 hours of contact. Ambassadors no longer have to keep track of post cards and call each person. Students can also list what subject they are interested in studying then their information will be shared with the relevant departments who can then contact them as well in a timely manner.

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