ASCEU members talk during weekly meeting with students

Posted Thursday, September 13, 2007 - 12:00am

The ASCEU members had their regular weekly meeting on Aug. 20. The first topic of discussion were the problems in the residential halls and the issue of campus awareness. If there is a problem in the dorms the person with the problem is supposed to go to the residential advisor on duty. This should include anything that is of concern in the residential halls. The R.A will then go to whomever the problem concerns.

Another important issue brought up at this meeting was the tragedy last spring at Virginia Tech. If there is any talk about someone getting hurt, it should be taken up with an R.A. People might joke about this, but it is a huge issue on all college campuses. With that in mind, an idea of using text messaging to warn students of danger, as well as upcoming events is a possible solution.

To achieve this, students that want to be notified by text message would register on the school's database. They would receive a text warning them of any problem on campus, such as a shooting or something that may endanger the students.

Let's face it, students in this day and age use their phones even if it is prohibited.  This messaging system will also allow students to be informed in a quicker fashion than almost anything else.

The last topic discussed concerned people that are planning an activity with refreshments. Whether the activity is for a club or another campus organization, organizers need to go through CEU Food Services.   There have been several instances around the nation of people getting sick because of food not being prepared correctly. Food Services will work with organizations if you need anything catered.

The meeting on Aug. 27 was a quick one.   The single topic dealt with students feeling that they aren't as involved as they could be in these meetings. ASCEU invites every student to offer input dealing with concerns on or off campus. These meetings are held every Thursday at 2:30 p.m., in the Alumni Room. There is also the chance to tell ASCEU members your concerns at the student government room; located upstairs in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.

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