ASCEU's recap of weekly meeting

Council addresses many hot issues on campus
Posted Thursday, February 8, 2007 - 12:00am

The ASCEU council convened their weekly meeting on Jan. 30, discussing various issues facing the campus from enrollment to bettering the classes at CEU.

The meeting kicked off with student body president Aaron Hales talking about the open houses that ASCEU held in various high schools around the state of Utah to help enroll potential students for next term. They also discussed activities that are being held for the month of February such as the kissing booth on Valentine's Day and movie night.

Hales has also talked about what happened when he met with President Ryan Thomas to discuss the declining enrollment issue "As you probably already know, we feel as if there is nothing we could do as far as enrollment is concerned, enrollment just keeps dropping," Hales said. President Thomas had promised ASCEU that he would bring in a PR firm this year as soon as the Legislature is out, but it has basically been the same story since the last time I met with him. It is getting very frustrating because at the other schools they have whole offices that are in charge of PR, and right now at CEU we don't have anything."

ASCEU also went on to address the failing departments at CEU such as the music, cheerleading and dance departments. President Thomas says that he is planning on making special job descriptions for people to hire for these positions, but ASCEU is skeptical.

"The problem is that many of these students said they don't want to go back to some of these programs because they said they sucked and it costs too much money to fire these instructors," says Hales. CEU is also planning on having a four-year program for various departments such as pre-med, automotives, nursing, etc.

ASCEU gave their outstanding leader award to Lillian Lopez who has been working with the international students and the multicultural students.

The meeting also addressed other issues such as distribution of written materials on campus. The plan is that there will be a designated area where people can disperse written material to students on campus in an organized manner.

Executive Vice President Acacia Davis encouraged anyone to come her and discuss any problems that they might have come up.

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