Attending CEU is best bargain in Utah

In terms of tuition, CEU leads the pack in being cheapest college in the state
Posted Thursday, February 22, 2007 - 12:00am

Attending the College of Eastern Utah is a better bargain than it was five years ago, reported the 2006-07 Student Guide to Utah's Colleges and Universities. At $2,090, it charges the lowest tuition and fees in the state. Five years ago, it was second lowest in the state at $1,466 per year, with Snow the best bargain at $1,312.

This year Snow College charges the second lowest tuition and fees in Utah at $2,164, $74 more than CEU; followed by Salt Lake Community College at $2,404, $314 more than CEU; Dixie State College at $2,492, $402 more than CEU; and Utah Valley State College at $3,308, $1,218 more than CEU.

Weber State University charges $3,434, $1,344 more than CEU; Southern Utah University charges $3,564, $1,474 more than CEU; Brigham Young University charges $3,620, $1,830 more than CEU; Utah State University charges $3,948, $1,868 more than CEU; University of Utah charges $4,662, $2,572 more than CEU; and Westminster College charges $21,030, $18,940 more than CEU.

Over the five-year period, BYU's tuition and fees went up 23 percent, followed by CEU at 43 percent, Westminster 53 percent, U of U 61 percent, WSU 62 percent, USU 64 percent, Snow College 65 percent, DSC 68 percent and SUU 73 percent.

Room and board rates ranks Dixie State College as offering the best deal at $2,698 per year followed by Snow at $3,200. CEU is number three with students paying $3,336 per year for room and board followed by SUU at number four at $4,124.

WSU ranks fifth with its rates set at $4,140, followed by USU at $4,400, U of U at $5,604, BYU at $5,640, and Westminster at $6,140.

Dixie's board and room rates decreased five percent over the past five years, CEU's went up two percent, U of U's went up 20 percent, BYU up 21 percent, WSU up 23 percent, Westminster up 27 percent, SUU and USU up 44 percent, with Snow College going up the most at 94 percent.

Books and supplies had WSU offering the best deal for students with the average student paying $700 each year, followed by CEU and Snow College students paying $750 each year.

SUU students paid an average of $800 in books and supplies each year followed by Dixie at $900, Westminster $1,000, the U of U and USU students paying $1,080, and BYU students paying $1,380.

The U of U students saw a drop of one percent in books and supplies over the past five years with all other colleges showing increases. Westminster had the second lowest percent increase of books and supplies expenditures with its students seeing an 11 percent increase followed by SUU with 14 percent, WSU 17 percent, CEU 25 percent, USU 30 percent, BYU 31 percent, Snow College 50 percent and Dixie 80 percent increase.

When tuition and fees, room and board, and books and supplies are added together, DSC offers the lowest overall deal for higher education in Utah with its price tag set at $6,090; followed by Snow College at $6,114 and CEU ranked third at $6,176.

Coming in at fourth highest is WSU at $8,274, SUU fifth at $8,488, USU sixth at $9,428, BYU seventh at $10,640, U of U eighth at $11,346, and Westminster last at $28,170.

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