Backpack, flip flops and cargo shorts type of guy, Greg Borman leaves CEU


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Among the students, Greg Borman is known as one of the College of Eastern Utah's most relaxed and fun math professors.   Borman will be leaving CEU at the end of the semester and moving to Boise, Idaho, to be closer to family and to pursue a career in real estate development.

Borman received his bachelor's degree in mathematics from California State University Chico and received his master's degree from the University of Idaho.   Borman first became interested in teaching when he was completing his bachelor's degree at CSU Chico.  

"I was tutoring students and decided that I really enjoyed teaching people math and helping them understand it ... I like math because it is black and white.   If there is something I'm wrong about, the students can tell me that and explain to me why," Borman states.

Borman and his wife have no family in Utah and ended up here after Borman applied for a teaching position at CEU.   "Utah was actually my last choice," Borman states, "I wanted to end up either in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Colorado but I prayed for this position and I knew that it would be right for me."   Borman's family is originally from Sacramento, California and his wife and her family are from Canada.

Borman and his wife met through a mutual friend who was working in the computer lab at U of I.   They started to e-mail each other and did so for about four months until they met.   "I knew that I was going to propose to Heidi before I met her.   I prayed to God and knew that she would be right for me," said Borman.   "We now have two children, Luke who is 3.25 years old and Jade who is one year old."

"The students have been great and I've learned and grown a lot since I've been here.   When people ask me if I'm excited about leaving, I tell them no because I'm not excited about leaving, but am excited about being closer to family.   One thing that I think really symbolizes my life here and my relationship with my wife is the rose bush that we planted outside of our apartment.   In the first season a rose bush is not supposed to bloom very much, but ours had nearly fifty buds its first summer.   Now the rose bush has grown to be very beautiful, healthy, and strong, as has our life and marriage here."

One of his favorite quotes is, "Without hard work, you cannot be truly happy."  

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