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Men’s Top Ten Turn-offs/Pet Peeves
Posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 8:02pm

10. Facebook: It’s ironic that Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all considered “social networking,” when the very definition of these words do not have anything to do with computers and everything to do with in-person face-to-face relationships. And then women wonder why they never get asked out on a date. How about you get off the computer and get to know a real person? What a novel idea.

9. Sports: I should say a lack of sports, or sports knowledge. When are women going to understand or accept the fact that guys like sports? These days men are expected to know or appreciate things women are interested in, is it too much to ask you to do the same? We want you to take a little interest in sports so we can share common ground. We don’t expect you to sit through every sporting event with us, but at the very least just “know” what sport it is we’re talking about with you. 

8. Feminism: Okay, I know I’m on thin ice already, but there is nothing un-sexier than feminist women. I’m all for equality, but true equality, with no double standard. It seems like women only want equality when it benefits them. They want equal opportunities, equal pay, but they also want chivalry and “old-fashioned morals.” I want chivalry from them. Ask me out, and then pay for the date. Why can’t you open my door, come over to my apartment and kill a spider or move my furniture.? How about changing my oil or tire? If you expect these things from me, I want the same things. I want true equality.

7. Dirty Apartment: There is nothing worse, than walking into a woman’s apartment, and getting punched in the face with the stench of dishes piled a mile high in the sink. How can you forget about scene in the bedroom? Clothes stacked from floor to ceiling with a pathway to the bed where there are more clothes, not to mention the closet where a bomb obviously went off. Obviously there is no other logical reason for why it looks like that. Do not get me started on the bathroom.

6. Short Hair: I have yet to meet a heterosexual male who said, “I prefer short hair on a woman,” so why do they cutoff their pretty locks? I’ve had long hair and it is not that difficult to deal with on a daily basis, and I guarantee a lot of women will never deal with bed head like I do, so no excuse. If I wanted to be with someone with short hair, I would date a dude or Tinkerbell.

5. Eating my food: I offer to buy food, or a drink or whatever, but they decline. So, why, without fail, do they always eat my food when they just said I am not hungry.  This is not a matter of me sharing or you “just wanting to nibble,” it’s a matter of them deciding they want my food, AFTER we are home. It is obviously some female conspiracy.

4. Cell Phone: It can be so irritating when you are with a woman, possibly a date, and all they do is text the entire time. If you would rather spend time with your phone, or if I am really that boring, please just tell me.  

3. Makeup: How many women have you seen, whose skin color on her face is a different shade from the skin on her neck? How about when she cakes on so much eye shadow, she starts to resemble the Ultimate Warrior? Go Google him. This goes for every woman out there, you are already beautiful. I cannot stand it when a woman covers up her natural beauty with foundation, blush, mascara and eyeliner. Guys aren’t as observant as girls are, but we will notice you without that gunk. Please stop hiding your pretty faces, unless you look like Eleanor Roosevelt.  

2. Picking: Everybody gets zits and blackheads on their face once you go through puberty. What’s interesting is many of us restrain from picking at those blemishes until they bleed and than pick at the scabs. This is not appealing at all. The only get out of jail card is if you are a “meth-head,” and those bugs crawling under your skin are just out of your control.

1. Crying: We get it women, we understand you’re more prone to crying than we are. Particularly during those blessed days leading up to and during your “lady times.” We’ll give you that much, because of those hormones flowing through your body uncontrollably. But, there are situations when no man would ever cry. We just don’t do it and we don’t know how to deal with it when you do, so we can’t sympathize with you. The logical solution here is simply stop crying all the time.

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