A book filled with magic and dragons called Eragon

Posted Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 7:38pm

Eragon lives in a world where magic is a thing of the past. Only the evil king Galbatorix and the elves seem to be able to use magic. There was once Dragon Riders that helped rule the land and keep the peace.

Galbatorix and his Forsaken Dragon Riders fought the other Dragon Riders. Eventually only Galbatorix was left to rule the land of Alagaesia. Eragon lives with his uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran, though Roran is more a brother. They are humble farmers living off of the land.

One evening while in town, a storyteller named Brom. Tells the story of the Dragon Riders and their fall. Just a few days later, Eragon finds a large, but lightweight stone, in the forest. One night Eragon hears some cracking and out comes a dragon from the egg.

He and the dragon form an instant and special bond. Eragon does his best to keep the dragon a secret. He eventually takes the baby dragon into the forest. Two of the king’s servants called Ra’zac come to town because they are trying to track down the dragon egg.

The Ra’zac are foul, dark creatures. As they search for the egg, the Ra’zac kill Eragon’s uncle Garrow, Eragon seeks revenge.

The town storyteller, Brom, practically forces himself into Eragon’s plans. Eragon has named his dragon Saphira.

When Brom hears this he has an old reaction. Brom fashions a saddle so that Eragon can ride Saphira. They set off in search of the Ra’zac. Brom gives Eragon a sword of a fallen Dragon Rider and they train at the end of every day. They eventually reach Teirm, a seaport city. Brom has a friend that he hopes will help them find the Ra’zac.

While Brom and his friend Jeod are trying to track down the Ra’zac, Eragon runs into a fortune teller named Angela. A werecat named Solembum, who knows Eragon is a Dragon Rider, tells Eragon some cryptic hints about his future. They eventually find out that the Ra’zac live near the city of Dras-Leona.

While looking in the city, Eragon runs into the Ra’zac in the city’s cathedral. They chase the Ra’zac out of the city and are ambushed. Luckily a young man Murtagh, helps chase the Ra’zac away, but Brom is severely wounded. Brom knows he is dying and tells Eragon some surprising news. He too was a Dragon Rider and his dragon was also named Saphira.

He dies and Saphira and Eragon entomb him on a hill to honor him. Eragon, Saphira, and now Murtagh have another reason to hunt down the Ra’zac. While they are searching, Eragon has a dream of beautiful woman who is imprisoned.

While searching for a group called the Varden that fights against the Empire, they reach the city of Gil’ead and Eragon is captured. He is taken to the same prison that the woman is being held. Eragon wants to rescue the woman.

Murtagh plans an escape with Saphira Murtagh, and Eragon escape with the woman who is actually an elf. The elf touches his mind and tells him how to get to the Varden. They only have four days to get there or the elf, who has been poisoned will die.

They start the ride of their lives. They reach the Varden with the Empire on their tails. Though the Varden want to fight the Empire, they wanted it to be on their terms. Eragon and Saphira pledge their loyalty to the Varden and enter the fight. The fury and rage of war and battle both scare and excite Eragon.

He has begun his journey to find himself and discover what kind of Dragon Rider and Dragon he and Saphira will become. He wants revenge for the death of his uncle as well as for Brom, but he also doesn’t want to become evil like Galbatorix. It will be a trying path.

Will he and Saphira stay on the path that they have chosen for themselves?

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