CEU baseball's seven-game losing streak


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Eagles continue to struggle
Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 3:33am

The CEU Golden Eagles are having a rough two-week stretch, losing seven of their eight games. They pulled out a win against the College of Southern Idaho last weekend; winning 4 – 0, but it was all down hill from there. That same day they lost to Southern Idaho 1 – 2.

The next day they played Southern Idaho and lost both games. In the first game the Golden Eagles suffered a 2 – 4 loss, and later that day took a 0 – 6 loss. This last weekend the Eagles played Western Nevada at home. Friday's games proved to be an upset to the Golden Eagles, losing the first game 13-2. Nevada had 11 runs, the Eagles four and one error. The problems for CEU only got worse. In the second game, the Eagles got thumped 27-2. Nevada had 25 hits, CEU 5. Both teams had three errors.

Amazingly, the team didn't

give up. While they were unable to get a win, Saturday's losses weren't nearly as bad. The Eagles lost the first game 2-1, with Nevada having six hits and CEU five. Nevada had one error. The Eagles lost the second game 6-1 with Nevada hitting 11 hits, CEU 2. Nevada had three errors.

Next weekend the men will take on Colorado Northwestern Community College on their Rangely, Colo., field. This hopes to be a promising couple of games for CEU. CNCC has a record of 0 – 24, and have lost to the Eagles twice this season.

The Eagles men's baseball team will be home next weekend as they go head to head with Salt Lake Community College Bruins. It will be a tough compeition for the Eagles as SLCC is ranked-number three with a record of 16 – 7, while CEU is ranked number five with a record of 6 – 18.

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