CEU, the good and the bad

Posted Thursday, December 6, 2007 - 12:00am

Here are some occurrences that brighten my day. I give them enthusiastic thumbs up. Also listed are points I find mentally deficient, those get a wet noodle.

Good. The Reeve's computer lab being open the Sunday after Thanksgiving. They understand that life doesn't end during the weekend or holidays.

Bad. People who use the left lane on the freeway to drive in. Hmm let's see, it's called a passing lane. Not a drive slower than the rest of traffic lane. Get a hint, slow down, move over and then discipline the car full of hellions.

Good. Seeing Miss Carbon County around campus. Do I need to say anything more?

Bad. The library being closed all Thanksgiving weekend. It seems they haven't caught on that people stay here and need to do homework.

Good. Knowing that I can bomb Gibby anytime I want to. And it's legal.

Bad. Knowing that my art will be covered by scriptural quote or goofy sayings that only the kids who play WOW will understand.

Good. Not having to use my freezer because my room in the dorms is cold enough already. It saves me space and amplifies the sound of those who live above me.

Bad. Having a night class. It just sucks.

Good. Waving to the police and not be doing anything wrong.

Bad. Getting profiled by the police for being too nice. Oh well I guess, at least the bracelets look cool.

Good. Knowing that more and more food items are microwavable.

Bad. The realization I have to use a microwave to cook all my food. Not having a kitchen is probably worse than being so cold all the time.

Good. Writing for The Eagle, it really is fun when I get to express myself.

Bad. Not knowing how many people on this campus read The Eagle. Oh well, at least no one knows when they are being mocked.

Good. My new memory foam mattress pad. Yes it can even make the beds in the dorms comfortable.

Bad. Knowing how much I pay for rent and am pretty much getting screwed. Such is the life of a college student though right?

Good. Knowing this will not be last time I rant and rave about campus life. Its good to have an outlet.

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