CEU/Price welcome signs placed at city entrances

Posted Thursday, September 10, 2009 - 2:45pm

College of Eastern Utah's student government established a partnership with Price City Council to promote both the college and city through welcome signs hanging at the two entrances into Price.

According to Todd Olsen, student government adviser, "We have had a Price city representative coming to our CEUSA executive and advisory meetings the last two years.

"We actually started with Jeanne McEvoy [city council woman] as the representative two years ago. This then switched to Kathy Hanna-Smith [city council woman]. This project came as an initial idea from Jeanne to have the college present on all of the Price city billboards. In the meantime, Price city developed the sign 'frames' idea so we jumped on the bandwagon with that."

The city installed the permanent frames at the entrances to Price on Carbon Avenue, just north of the overpass, and on 100 North, just west of the overpass. These frames give organizations a chance to promote their events and programs.

CEU and Price city split the costs of the banners for the frames. Olsen said the banners will be paid for from the admissions & scholarships budgets. The total was $740 so the CEU share was $370.

Price city took the design lead for the banners but we were involved every step of the way, Olsen said. The sign with the interest "buttons" did not include one to represent education, but that was added to help represent the college.

The frames are located at Price city's entrances and are open for other entities and events to use as advertising opportunities. When the frames are not in use, the Price City/CEU banners will be on display.

Olsen said, "the initial goal with the signs was to foster a better relationship with Price city and then wider recognition that Price really is 'The Home of College of Eastern Utah.'"

The college is an integral part of the community. We just want to increase the awareness of that fact and continue to look for opportunities to make people proud of the fact that we have the college and what a great resource it is for our community, he said.

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