Club Rush: have fun or stay home

Posted Thursday, August 28, 2008 - 12:00am

This year at the College of Eastern Utah , there is a new craze hitting the campus. Students are making new friends, getting better grades, and having the time of their lives. How? By joining a school club.

There are many campus clubs to join, including: Breakaway Club, Business Club, Gay Straight Alliance, Soccer Club, Swing Club, and Poker Club. As well as Sun Center, Golf Club, One Love Club, Radio Broadcasting, and the Men's and Women's Institute Association – just to name a few.

Some of these clubs focus on doing service for others, such as the Breakaway Club. Every spring, students go to a selected Indian Reservation for a week and help the community out with certain projects.   The Sun Center is also all about service; putting on the Bread and Soup Bowl night where anyone, either in school or not, can come and have a warm meal. There are also opportunities for struggling students to get three credit hours or make up a class grade by doing service through the Sun Center .

Many of you might be thinking that service just isn't your thing. Well, there are plenty of clubs that focus solely on having a good time. One of which is Swing Club, hosted every Thursday night by club president Joshua "OX" Jewkes. Students from all over campus come together to polish up their jitter bug skills and learn new styles of dances.   With the Swing generation of dancing and music coming back, this class is a fabulous way to get with the times, or in a sense - go back to them. Other "just for fun" clubs include the Poker Club, Soccer Club, and Golf Club.

Now, the world has suddenly gone "GREEN". Today people are more and more self-conscious about how they effect the environment and Mother Nature. This year CEU is going green too. The One Love Club, lead by club president Brandon Eberb, focuses on making campus more eco-friendly. Some of the ways this club plans to make a change is by rallying for more recycling on campus. More colleges across the U.S. are transforming their campuses to better suit those that wish to recycle; such as putting up recycling bins and becoming involved with the College and University Recycling Coalition.

So besides making new friends and saving the planet; why should you join a club? It is a proven statistic that students involved in extra curricular activities score better in school. They seem to do better on homework as well as test scores. It also builds unity and school spirit between the students. "It's going to be great," said Inner Club Council Chair Lynn Prince when asked about this year's clubs. "We want everyone to join this year to make it worthwhile."

Prince is involved with every club, such that if any of the clubs have problems or questions, they are able to meet with him and work out a solution. Prince oversees all campus clubs and is there specifically to help the club presidents. There is also an ICC meeting the first Monday of every month from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. Anyone with questions can also come and sit in.

Some of you out there probably still aren't convinced that a school club is something for you; or you just don't think there is a club that you would be really interested in. Solution: start your own club! More than likely, whatever your favorite pass time is, you can form a group for it. But, you must first fill out an application from the College of Eastern Utah Student Association office. Some of the stipulations include: having a president or leader for the group, attending as many club meetings with CEUSA as possible, and having at least five people in the club. There are more instructions listed in the packet that is given out to those who wish to start a group. In the words of CEUSA member, Justin Brackett, "Just get involved and have some fun."

For more information, contact any member of CEUSA or stop by the Sun Center or CEUSA office in the Student's Center. There will also be a full list of clubs and their presidents in the CEUSA office for those wishing to join. Club Rush: Have Fun or Stay Home

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