Conduct code warrants suspension

Posted Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 12:00am

On Feb. 21, events set in motion nearly three months ago, came to a head for College of Eastern Utah student Justin Dade, when he was found guilty of violating his probationary contract, suspended for no less than one year's time and barred from campus grounds.

Dade was informed of his academic status via a formal letter of suspension penned by Dean of Students DEl Beatty.

The letter was clear and concise in its intent and meaning.

"This letter is to advice you [Dade] that your actions on the evening of Feb. 20 and in the early morning hours of Feb. 21 were in direct violation of your probationary letter received Feb 17," stated the letter. "You are also in violation of the on-campus living policy described in the campus-living handbook and CEU student code of conduct. Price City Police documented your alcohol consumption at an off-campus party where you were found in possession of alcohol."

Dade maintains that he was never charged with consumption of alcohol by a minor or possession of alcohol by a minor by the Price City Police. Dade also stated that he was unaware that alcohol was present at the aforementioned party.

Dade was originally placed on probation for allowing another individual to reside within his specific dorm room, a transgression know as theft of services at the college and for making threatening and harassing statements to other students on campus, according to Beatty.

Dade's probationary document stipulated that he attend class on a regular basis, attend counseling sessions provided by the college and commit no further violations of the student code of conduct. The letter states, "As we discussed in our several meetings over the passed few weeks this conduct is inappropriate in the college community and is recognized as such by CEU. We agreed that you would be placed on disciplinary probation for the remainder of this semester and would not violate the three sanctions outlined in your probationary letter. Unfortunately, you have violated those sanctions and are now officially suspended from the College of Eastern Utah effective Feb. 21. The suspension will be in place for a minimum of one year and will be reviewed at that time if you choose to re-apply.

The CEU Code of Conduct states, use, possession, manufacture of distribution of alcoholic beverages or an illegal substances as defined by state and federal law stipulate that student alcohol and other drug abuse in or on any buildings or premises owned or leased by the college or at any off-campus activity sponsored by the college is forbidden according to part two sub section B number six.

According to Beatty, "I bent over backward to help Justin stay in school."

Because Dade waived his right to a hearing conducted by the student judiciary committee, his fate rested solely in the hands of Beatty. By doing this Dade also waived his right to appeal Beatty's final decision.

Had Dade chosen a hearing he would have been given the opportunity to be represented by council in a recorded session which would be "confidential and closed to the public." At which point only the outcome of the hearing would be made public.

Certain sections of the student code of conduct have been revised recently and have not yet been made available to all students.

Dade was never formally charged with a crime, though his suspension letter stated that he was found in possession of alcohol on the early morning hours of Feb. 21.

His presence at a party where alcohol was present, according to Beatty was deemed by the dean a violation of his probationary contract and grounds for suspension.

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