"A cornucopia of thanks"


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Students and alumni of USU Eastern share what they are thankful for
Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 6:35pm

The first Monday night in November, my family and I would sit together and one-by-one, name something we were thankful for, until we compiled a list of 100. My father would write down every single one, and hang the list through the holiday season to constantly remind us of our blessings. Keeping with my family’s tradition, I thought it would be interesting to learn what students and alumni are thankful for. It is in the order of the individuals I asked, except the last ten were the most common answers.

 100. Outdoors-Taylor Bagshaw

99. When someone you don’t know says hello unexpectedly- Dallin Lowe

98. Philly Cheesesteak-Brett Cook

97. Chapstick-Emma Rowley

96. Receiving a full-ride scholarship, and its benefits-Bubby Johnson

95. When someone says “thank you” after you hold the door open-Alison Smith

96. Snowplows during the winter-Gabrielle Guymon

95. Still able to compete in sports-Jordan Moynier

94. Freedom to worship with no oppression-Alyssa Milovich

93. Ability to understand things quickly-Wes Buckwalter

92. Advancement in medical science for rare diseases-Kelsey Walton

91. Toilet paper-Amber Timothy

90. Pinterest-Daylan Jones

89. Running water-Monica Parkinson

88. The mental capacity to make choices-Helen Archibald

87. John Wayne-Barbie Powell

86. Choice to make something of myself-Val Moncada

85. Love-Airica Stewart

84. Art of film-Seth Burgess

83. Things that make you smile-Katie Cloward

82. Hardwood floors-Aubrey Jones

81. Opportunity to live my dream-Lyndzee Bair

80. The smell of pineneedles-Jared Jones

79. Eyelash curlers(regardless of not having any eyelashes)-Anna “Smac” Olsen

78. Air conditioning-Rip Stead

77. Slurpees-Kent Olsen

76. Mail Carrier-Dalton Nelson

75. Comfortable living-Austin Martinez

74. Same-sex marriage-Nathan Fausett

73. Courage-Kameron Perkins

72. Pizza-Josh Bone

71. Toilets-James Green

70. Freedom to choose who I marry-Jania Nelson

69. French horns-Kenzie Mantz

68. Hispanic-food, sweatpants and cute single females “has to be that order”-KC Smutthwarts

67. Ipod, for improving my mornings-Luiza Vana

66. The book, “F*** It the Ultimate Spiritual Way”-Stanton Rodriguez

65. Dad has a job-Luke Olsen

64. Farms-Ariel Guymon

63. Victorias Secret-Lauren Arnold

62. Women who get waxed on a regular basis-Andrew Quinton

61. Concealed weapons-Ryan Rasmussen

60. Laws of physics-James Newman

59. Disneyland-Alex Cale

58. Showers-Carolyn Thornton

57. Gravity-Miranda Cox

56. Solid foods-Sam Jones

55. Her talents-Jessica Harper

54. Basketball-Lizzi Stewart

53. Dancing-McCall Heaton

52.Transportation-Melanie Rhodes

51. The Sun-Eric Curwen

50. My roommates-Raybin Ng

49. Snow-Dathan Panas

48. Animals-Melissa Scheid

47. Mom’s cooking-Dagen Schiess

46. Nice people-Jared Lee

45. Tyler Ward-Jordyn Arndt

44. That I’m a male-Cameron West

43. My muscles-Chuck Xu

42. Rocking chairs-Jaecee Bird

41. Doctors-Shannon Hubbard

40. Military-Shannon Collings

39. Service-Rachel Naylor

38. My psychatrist-Mitchell Hyatt

37. To be alive-Barry Hamilton

36. People who support me-Frederick Thomas

33. Colorado and Washington-Johnny Biesheuvel

32. Hot chicks-Isaia Hela

31. Job and a roof overhead-Arkeila Drake

30. Friends that help me up when I’m down-Jerid Clark

29. Judy and Vicky’s desks in the Sun Center (not Judy and Vicky themselves) so I can get a Laffy Taffy or Snickers to perk up his day-Jason Fredricksen

28. Ian Flemming and James Bond-Pete Yakovich

27. Sex-Matt Adams

26. Somewhere to sleep at night-Katy Penry

25. Milk, Converse All-Stars, Girls-Logan Leaming

24. The beauty of nature, because it is peaceful and everyone can appreciate it-Kelly Winterton

23. Special effect makeup-Victoria Morgas

22. Boston(the band)-Jesse Harmon

21. Potatoes-Jakob Goold

20. Sports Cars-Braden Hampel

19. Beef Stroganoff-Taran Kennedy

18. A job at BYU-Danee Merrell

17. International Students-Shayden Poulsen

16. Basketball and Volleyball Teams-Adalberto Quiles

15. Fruit Loops-Jack Douglas

14. My Captain-Brayden Jorgensen

13. The Ambassadors-Mark Dickey

12. Hot Chocolate-Austin Ashcraft

11. The baseball brotherhood-Luke Madsen

 10. A job

9. Shelter

8. Food to eat everyday

7. School

6. Good Health

5. Piano

4. Friends

3. God

2. Family

1. Music

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