Death, the ultimate money maker


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Once again not only our town, but the entire nation has turned their heads to the events of lives lost and families left devastated. Everyone sees the tragedy of our nine lost miners in a different light. Some have the universal viewpoint that everything happens for a reason, others adopt the position of helping the deceased's families, and then there are the truly amazing individuals who seem to have made the American way of life nothing more than a marketing scheme.

Yes, they are out there, leaving the bait and watching as the public flock to their foolproof plans of making money while pretending to be concerned.

They have been found throughout town, the dish network flyers that state "SIGN UP TODAY AND WE WILL DONATE $50 TO THE FAMILES OF THE LOST MINERS IN YOUR NAME." This is the point where any thoughtful, caring, and generous someone would take the flier and run home to be sure to receive their three free months of HBO and CINEMAX.

While the individual may have every intention of helping the miners' families cope with their loss, the truth is, they are once again supporting the money hungry beast we call society.

While the flyer says we will donate to the families of the lost miners, what the bold, attention calling text really means to say is "PEOPLE HAVE DIED, AND DEATH IS A MONEY MAKER." It is sad to say, but our everyday consumer driven lives which we see as "the best on Earth" have turned us all into money sucking beasts who view green slips of paper the way in which to solve the world's problems and maybe even obtain "world peace."

How is it, that in times such as these, even our favorite money hording scum bags can focus the public's attention towards their new ways of adding to their wallets and coin collections. This country has become truly ridiculous with their ideals of what is important and necessary in their lives.

While it has become evident that our counties have taken advantage of a tragic event, looking world wide you can see how every American is found in this downward spiral. The same was seen with tragedies such as 9/11, the Tsunami and Katrina. In each instance, dollar signs may as well have been edited into the news rooms' lighting effects.

What it comes down to is this; it has come to the point where these families have paid their dues. With their families losing their fathers, brothers and friends they have a larger burden than most can imagine.

If help is needed, efforts are understandable. Otherwise, it is time to back away and allow the families time to heal, without the worry of becoming a marketing devise or a source of self importance.

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