Dining services lowers prices, spruces up


A makeover to add variety
Posted Thursday, November 13, 2008 - 5:52pm

After changing menus, lowering prices, and cleaning up the service areas, Becky Archibald, manager, and other dining services employees devised a new way to add some color and variety to the cafeteria.

A contest was held, for several weeks, to change the names of different service areas including the dessert line, salad bar, etc. Submissions were collected, and winners have been selected. Kylee Regan's "Sweet Landing" is the new name of the dessert line. The San Pablo line is now called "Fiesta Time," submitted by Lillian Rowley. Todd Olsen won the sandwich bar/grill with "Gibby's Grub." The main event was submitted by the CEUSA, with "Emmet's Eatery."

The different areas will undergo not only a name change, but a visual alteration as well. Depictions of Nine Mile Canyon and other landscapes will appear on the different eateries. Archibald also wants to paint a part of the cafeteria, to make it a more pleasant experience for students.

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or comments about the cafeteria - whether it be about its new decorations or menu - contact Archibald or the other staff members. They are always looking for new ideas.

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