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Roberts has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor. It’s like he puts people at ease when they come in to talk to him. He’s also willing to sit down with students and provide academic support
Posted Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 7:58pm

Wendell Cory Roberts is the new disability resource coordinator at USU Eastern. He started as a student worker during fall semester 2011 and saw that there was a job opening in the resource center and decided to apply for the job.

His position requires him to provide orientation information about the disability resource center to current and future students.

He also provides instructions for how to apply online for the program, gives complete release of information forms to ensure receipt of proper disability documentation in order to establish which accommodations students qualify for.

He provides alternative registration for registered students, prepares accommodation letters detailing which accommodation each registered student should receive in classroom settings.

He proctors verbalized or written exams for students, maintains record of all equipment checked out to students and place holds for unreturned items. And finally, he provides annual ADA trainings for faculty/staff to ensure up to date information is dispersed on campus.

Roberts decided to work for USU Eastern because he loves being able to interact with students, “there’s a lot going on and I feel more aware of things happening on campus than I was before,” he said.

“Cory brought in skills, came with training and is great with the legal side of his job. He’s also part of the alumina at USU Eastern, so he has many relationships established, ” said Jan Thornton, director of the disability recourse center at USU Eastern; “He has a wonderful personality, and a great sense of humor. It’s like he puts people at ease when they come in to talk to him. He’s also willing to sit down with students and provide academic support,” she added.

Born and raised on a farm in Roosevelt, Utah, Roberts graduated from Union High school.

“I was a jock in high school, I played all kinds of sports including football, basketball and baseball.” Roberts decided to move to Price to attend USU Eastern, where he received his associates degree.

He has tried many majors starting with piano performance, switching to music education, after that he decided that wasn’t what he wanted, and then tried nursing, but that didn’t work out either.

After nursing he gave pre-medical a try. After giving all of the different majors a try, Roberts decided he wanted to go into a profession where he could help people and work with them.

Beside his passion for helping people, he also has a passion for music. He has played the piano 22 years, when he’s not spending his time helping others; he likes to write music. “I want a job that will still allow me time to write music and will also take care of my financial needs, this job gives me both.”

The biggest risk Roberts has taken was serving an LDS mission in Texas; “it was risky because the town that I was sent to, the people didn’t like Mormons.”

Most people don’t know that Roberts has a great sense of humor and has a calm demeanor.

He also likes to play video games, but above any video game Roberts loves to read, “I would much rather read a good book than do just about anything, besides music,” Roberts said.

His goal in life is to take over the music industry. Roberts is writing some dub-step music, he wants to write music for the rest of his life. Also, he wants to be able to help people through his music.

“Sometimes people don’t understand or won’t listen to others. Music makes people feel a certain way, the job I have now is similar to that because I can do things to raise awareness for students. I feel like I have more of a voice now,” Roberts said.

He said his biggest motivation is his five-year-old son, Joey Dylan. “He is my motivation for what I do every day, he keeps me going.”

“I just want people to know that I want to make USU Eastern a better place. And they don’t have to be scared of me because I have tattoos,” Roberts said.

Roberts’s office hours are from 9 A.M -6 P.M, these hours allow availability for non traditional students. His office is located in the SAC building room 118.

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