Due for renovation


Movie patrons rejoice for improved Price Theatres
Posted Thursday, November 16, 2006 - 12:00am

Mikel Johnson, owner of the Price Theatres, has been having all the theatres refurbished in the past few months and the next few, so moviegoers can comfortably enjoy their favorite new movies.

The projects started with the refurbishing of the King Coal Theatres having a new set of seats put in and all three of the theatres and a new sound systems installed in them to enhance the viewing experience. The Crown Theatre, being one of the mainstream theatres, had one of the best sound systems in the state installed, according to Johnson.

All the modifications the theatres have had so far, equal about $50,000, and Johnson has no intentions of stopping there. In the future he is hoping to buy out his partner Mike Hunter and completely refurbish the Price Theatre making it another mainstream theatre and doing away with the $2.50 theatre. The reason, "There are too many new movies out there, we can't afford to pass up on them," says Johnson.

After Johnson buys out his partner, the theatres will take a turn for the better. They will become more comfortable and more desirable to watch new movies as they are released.

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