Dutra wins iPad in EUSA scavenger hunt

Posted Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 7:07pm

On the evening of Saturday, March 3, after the final home basketball games of the season, students were searching campus for clues to find an iPad 2. The iPad scavenger hunt was sponsored by EUSA. The winner of the iPad was Elcio Dutra.

EUSA students said that there were 11 or 12 clues. The first clue was in the student center on the TV screen with the announcements. The final clue was also in the JLSC in the multi-purpose room. The clue said that the iPad would be found at Gibby’s original position. Dutra and his friend, Austin Ashcraft went looking for it at the Durrant Field after “Googling” it. They looked in a fire pit, then “ran around the entire field in the cold,” before discovering that it wasn’t there.

They then went to the Reeve’s lawn where 8-12 other students were looking. Dutra then texted Karli Morris for Dr. Susan Polster’s phone number. He called Polster at 11:30 p.m. to ask her where Gibby used to be located. She asked her son, a CEU alumni. He said that it was in the middle of the sidewalk across from the LDS Institute. “Then after looking for it for another half hour, we were all crawling around on the ground because the clue had said it was hidden under loose grass. “Tommy (Garvin, student body president) was watching everyone and waiting for us to find it,” Dutra said. “He told us we were really close, we were all within 15 feet of each other, but I found it.” A black piece of paper was hidden under the grass. “I fist pumped a few times and high fived Austin (Ashcraft), Beth (Liddel) and Anna (Olsen). I was trying to be discrete so I wouldn’t make other people feel bad. The whole time I was thinking that if someone else got it I was going to punch Tommy (Garvin) in the face. Then he (Garvin) gave it to me. It was super cold, my hands were so cold that I couldn’t text for about a half hour.”

After having it for about three days, Dutra returned the iPad to Walmart. He received $614, for the iPad, tax and a warranty that had been purchased. He plans on using the money to buy the new iPad3. “I faced the dilemma of taking the money and buying two iPods, one for me and one for my brother (Rod Dutra, also a student at USU Eastern). But instead I am buying myself the iPad3 and giving my brother the left over money to buy himself an iPod with. My favorite part about the iPad was the photo booth. I think that is the best part of it.”

Dutra is a third year student of College of Eastern Utah and Utah State University Eastern. He is the vice president of the SUN Center as well as a member of the business club. “I came back just to win back my student fees in prizes,” said Dutra jokingly.

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