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Posted Thursday, August 31, 2006 - 12:00am

In hopes of tackling the declining enrollment and retention issues at CEU, the administration created student e-mail accounts to communicate with all students.

At the start of last year, they issued student e-mail accounts for every registered student on the campus. To access your account, you have to be on a computer that logs into the CEU domain the first time and the login starts with your last name, if it is less than five characters, the last two digits of your social security, plus the first initial of your first name.

The administration had started this in hopes of helping the students deal with some of the issues that they are facing on campus and statement of expectations.   One of the ways in which the school is doing this is through online surveys that students could take via e-mail.   The surveys would ask questions such as, "how did you hear about CEU, how was your experience here, or what did you like the most or the least?   The surveys are also being used as a tool for the administration to help them figure out why CEU's enrollment has been down in recent years, and for them to know what they are doing right and what they need improvement on.  

The system will help students know when certain deadlines are, when the last days are to add or drop a class or when they can get a refund on a book in the bookstore.

Previously surveys were given in classes at the end of the semester asking the students about the teacher or their classroom experience.   "Unfortunately we did not get enough timely meaningful information from the students," says Kim Booth, who helped purchase software for the online surveys.

One of the first survey's that was sent out this year was on "CEU Welcoming day" it was taken with limited responses.  

Booth says, "Surveys are something that is near and dear to me because my job is pretty much doing all the reports. If there is a federal report or a state report, those things are my responsibility."  

For example, last year Booth sent out a three-question survey to the students on campus asking the students about their e-mail accounts.   The survey was sent out, win no responses returned within 12 days.   "We want to be able to have some sort of communication with our students. We have a free medium for them to use, but they're not using it," Booth says.  

The students are expected to get their school e-mail accounts because it is free and would greatly please the CEU faculty and staff.

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