Eagle Escapes promote recruiting efforts of CEU Ambassadors

24 hours in the life of a student
Posted Wednesday, December 2, 2009 - 2:04am

Kelsie Knudsen

staff writer

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An Eagle Escape is a day set aside for the Ambassadors to promote the College of Eastern Utah to prospective high school students from throughout the state. It is in a nutshell 24 hours in the life of a college student. While these high school students are at CEU they will get the opportunity to really experience a small taste of college life. I believe that this is such a great program because the students get to come and see if they like it at CEU. If they feel comfortable visiting, then Ambassadors think they will feel comfortable attending school here.

What is the purpose or goal of these activities? As Ambassadors we are hoping that by letting these students tag along with us and experience the reality of college, they will make the decision to further their education at the College of Eastern Utah be excited about becoming a student here. We are hoping that by letting people come here and experience college that they will realize all opportunities that CEU has to offer. As Ambassador, I wonder if it is working? Are the students getting excited about coming here and are they enjoying their time here? In order to see things from a prospective students point of view I asked a few of our November 19th Eagle Escape attendees how they felt about their experience here.

Kristin Christensen, 18, from North Sevier High School, said, "I liked how we got to meet with different professors, so we know what to expect, but I did not like having to go to the basketball game because it was long, boring, and really one sided. Right now my college decision is between CEU and SUU. The Eagle Escape really helped out a lot, because I was not even thinking about coming here for school, but got some scholarship opportunities so thought that I would check it out. Over all, I had a good experience, but the Aaron Jones dorms need softer beds."

Rachel Taylor, 17, from North Sevier High School, said, "I loved the social part of Eagle Escape, like the basketball game and watching the movie, but did not like the cold weather up here. Now I am really thinking about coming here. The Eagle Escape really helped me because I really did not know anything about this place before I came, so it helped and answered a lot of my questions. It was a good experience!"

Christen Mickelson, 17, also from North Sevier High School, commented, " I liked how we got to meet with the instructors and go through their classrooms. I did not like all the meetings that we went to. I have not decided yet between CEU or SUU, but the Eagle Escape really made me think about CEU more. Overall I had a great time!"

This is our goal as Ambassadors, to at least educate prospective students on the treasures of our hidden college, in hopes that we can broaden horizons and welcome new faces from all over the state.

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