Elmo Club receives award

Posted Thursday, April 27, 2006 - 12:00am

On Wednesday March 22, Price City Council awarded the CEU Elmo club with the Visionary Service Leader Award for their service in the community.

The council gave their input about events going on in the community, with the stories of how they loved the theatrical plays, congratulating the people who participated in the St. Patrick's Day parade, as well as other topics.

Mayor Joe Piccolo presented the prestigious Visionary Service Leader award for assisting the city and helping to make Price a progressive community was given to the Elmo Club at CEU. This award will be on the wall long after your careers at CEU are over. "The extension for this award was brought to us by some efforts of the community playground that has started", says Mayor Piccolo "This award will hang in the wall long after your careers at CEU are over."

The Elmo Club is a theatre club that was named after Elmo Geary who started the Geary Theatre at CEU in 1958. The Elmo Club's most recent project was helping organize and orchestrate Design Day, for the community-built playground for the children of Price.

The members of the Elmo club are Jordan Elkins, Bo Brady, Gordon Dunne, Zach Reynolds, Mike Rowdy, Jacob Clarke, Kylie Byrd, Heidi Scott, Chelsea Bingham, Ryan Jensen and Ashley Leavitt. The president of the group is Scott Westwood.

The Elmo Club helped get the word out about the playground by creating posters, played with the children, they helped get other students to orchestrate the event and basically did as much as they could to make it a success and be hosts for CEU and the city of Price.

Scott Westwood and Grady McEvoy were chairpersons of the event. They were pretty central to the whole reason that we got the award," says Kylie Byrd.

Westwood acted as the representative of the ELMO club and addressed the council. "Geary gave much of his life in dedication to the community and the performance arts. We as Elmo club members are honored to keep that tradition alive. Using theatre, an art that we have grown to love, in providing service for the community. I also want to recognize or advisor Gray McEvoy, who helped us find opportunity to pursue a greater education. This award is a great honor and we thank you."

In the future, the members of the group will be performing public shows for elementary students.

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