Evolution of leaders over 80 years


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Dean M. McDonald
Posted Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 8:46pm

Dean M. McDonald was named the fifth president in 1970 and served a decade, 1980. After struggling for several years and trying to coordinate with Utah State University and Brigham Young University, what started as a grant-funded training program became the College of Eastern Utah - San Juan Center under his leadership. It began with 40 students, two staff members and borrowed facilities. The CEU-San Juan Campus had its first graduating class in 1980: 12 graduates, all female.

Vocational-technical programs were strengthened during his tenure. The Career Center replaced the original vocational building and named after him. A one-year licensed practical nursing program was also established

In his yearbook message to students, he wrote, “regardless of background or present situation, the one commodity we share equally is time. How meaningful our lives will be tomorrow or five, ten or even 40 years from now is directly related to how our time is spent each day. Personal identification with principles of proven value today will accumulate to assure our lives will be of great worth to ourselves and to those with whom we associate tomorrow.

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