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This last semester as a traditional student opened my eyes to the flaws within the college. I have complained about dorm policies, cafeteria food and even suggested a campus boycott. These notions and ideas will continue to be the downfall of not only myself, but for the college experience of many students. I am tired of questioning why some administrators treat us like four year olds when we complain or think of us as whiny two year olds. The problems are not going to just magically disappear, yet be the reason why certain departments disappear.

I have offered my opinion about the cafeteria. I have offered the views of 200 students, yet nothing changes. The administration needs to think long and hard about how to remedy the problem or nothing will ever be solved. The quality of food has decreased and the cleanliness is at an all-time low. I recently seen an employee sit on the floor, use her hands to get up and then make a taco. The cafeteria only served hamburgers to its students during an off-campus sponsored banquet, claiming, "There was not enough time to cook for both." I have received hard buns from the hamburger bar, some with mold. There has been hair in a student's meal. I have talked to three students who have received spoiled milk and employees talk about fornication and other disturbing material while at work.

Another problem with the cafeteria would be increasing the food prices. Since the prices were marked-up, the majority of the students are out of money and starving. They are flat broke and there is no answer to their problem.

The administration has reasoned that since the cafeteria is in serious financial trouble they could not afford to lower the prices. Seems to me that a department that provides services should be concerned with customer satisfaction and not the pleasure of watching them starve. I would argue that this is why the college is not retaining sophomores. We are not giving them services, yet taking advantage of their hard earned money.

People may not like me at the cafeteria and that is fine. I am here to voice the truth and make changes. I am not here to adhere to the norm, nor am I here to be passive with injustices within the college. Many have told me to "get my facts straight." This is odd to me because I have conversed with the students and seen cafeteria employees break health code numerous times. I have my facts straight. I am willing to talk to anyone about the conditions of the cafeteria and would be happy to tell countless stories about their violations. Maybe the health department would like to hear a few even ... ..

The dorms are my second concern. I have brought a petition around personally and have received about 200 signatures of students unhappy with the room consolidation. Yet, the administration remains silent on the subject and will not act. The students have spoken and nothing happens. I guess that is why we have only a handful of sophomores at AJ. They all agreed that Residential Life only cares about the money and not the personal well being of the students. I wonder how many people will come back to A.J. next year? Maybe we will have 10 or get lucky and have a whole 20. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that students are not happy with the student life at the College of Eastern Utah.

Speaking of service would bring me to the IT department at CEU. The residents of Sessions and the residential advisors have been combating the effectiveness of the phones. I congratulate them on getting a victory with the technical staff finally fixing their phones. I guess when you complain and then go to their vp boss with 20 irate students, you will finally win. It is amazing to watch people accommodate students when their boss forces them to comply. Maybe I should take A.J. students with me and talk about making a change within the cafeteria ... . Naw I don't think that would even help the problem.

The point of this article is to attempt to remedy problems for the students and to bid a good bye.

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