Former football player killed in Pittsburgh


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The flag outside the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center will be lowered to half staff at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 16, for Eric "Guy" Kelly, one of the three Pittsburgh police officers gunned down two weeks ago while responding to a call on a domestic dispute. He was a former College of Eastern Utah football player in 1985-86 under head coach Bill Flodine.

Kelly (41) was a 14-year veteran of the Pittsburgh Police Department. He was returning home at the end of his regular shift when he heard a domestic dispute call on the radio. He responded to the call to back up two fellow officers who initially responded. The two officers were killed at the door. Kelly was also shot and killed as he left his vehicle.

Officer Kelly was called an exemplary officer by his peers. "He was a quality guy and team leader our sophomore year," recalled CEU football teammate Neil Trust, also of Pittsburgh.

After leaving CEU, Kelly attended and played football at Tennessee Martin. Later he joined the Marines and then joined the Pittsburgh Police Department. Officer Kelly leaves a wife and three children.

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