Game Hub is a gamer’s paradise in Price


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As a student at USU-Eastern, are you constantly trying to find entertainment in Price? Or are you glued to your gaming console? Most will respond yes to either of these questions and the good news, Price has a new hot spot for you: The Game Hub.

Though the young owners Kevin Johnson, Troy Olson and Darren Gardner are full-time students and have two jobs, they all have one common love for gaming, meeting new people who love to game and, like everyone else in this world, to make money.

Young adults living in Price are glad that The Game Hub opened. USU Eastern student Andy Olsen stated, “The Game Hub is the best thing to ever happen to this town. Price is finally on the map.”

Game Hub cater to all ages with a wide variety of games and systems. Whether you or your grandmother need a game to play. Johnson, Olsen and Gardner have a wide selection of board games, video games and comics to read. They sell Coke products, popcorn and lots of treats for a low cost.

Game Hub received its name because Game, obviously comes from the term “video games” and hub comes from a free-Wifi. And there you have it: Game Hub.

If you’d rather game with friends and show off your killer gaming skills, they have tournaments every Wednesday. Friday nights are magic nights, and weekends are reserved for Call of Duty and Halo tournaments. For all you Super Smash Brothers, they will be hosting a tournament Feb. 3, .2011 at 7:30pm.

As long as Game Hub has customers, it won’t be going anywhere. If you want to browse, buy or sell games, cards, comics or consoles go to the Game Hub in the Wix Plaza off Main Street on 200 East. Bring your friends and roommates. Game Hub is also a club on campus so sign up at Spring semester’s Cub Rush on Jan. 20th or check them out Monday- Friday from 3-11pm and Saturday from 1-11pm.

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