Gaming Systems gone

Rachel Ryan discusses EUSA donations
Posted Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 7:26pm

Students at USU-CEU have something to feel good about. There are many areas that our students are succeeding in already this year, and Eastern Utah Student Association is extremely happy to announce another area of success. I am sure that some of you have noticed that there are no longer any game systems in the EUSA office in the JLSC, however, I would like you all to know that these game systems, games and eventually one of the two televisions in the office have been donated to the Children’s Justice Center here in Price.

When I spoke to the Children’s Justice Center, they were thrilled that we had the opportunity to donate such items, that the children there will get so much joy and entertainment out of. The game systems were only serving a handful of students while they were available in the EUSA office, and now at the Justice Center, these game systems will service a large number of children in need of entertainment.

USU-CEU feels that this is a great way to show our support, appreciation and gratitude to everyone in our community that has been so supportive of this institution and the students here, and to give back to some individuals that are in more need of items for entertainment.

I would love for everyone to still feel welcome to come into the EUSA office. There is no reason that students at USU-CEU should stop coming in. The office is there for students to come in and discuss anything they wish to discuss, to find out information about clubs, activities, forums, and open positions on EUSA, upcoming community events, and many other things. There are still love sacs and couches for students to come in and lounge on, study, and relax. We also have a television available to watch. We all hope that this is a decision that all the students, faculty and staff at USU-CEU are in support of.

There are so many things to do at USU-CEU. If you are looking for anything to do with free time, look at the USU-CEU website calendar and see what is already going on. If you are hoping to get together with friends and play games, there are gaming systems readily available throughout campus. Students can congregate in the resident halls and create game tournaments that perhaps a club or organization could sponsor. I encourage you to speak to our club council representative and find out if there is a club already, or if you could start one. There are so many options available to all of the students here and I hope that you will come into the EUSA office and hear about the possibilities.

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