Hales announces safer crosswalks


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My fellow Eagles, welcome back to CEU for spring semester. This past semester has been great and I want to let you know of some of the things your student leaders have been working on. At the beginning of fall semester, there were complaints concerning pedestrian safety on the crosswalks surrounding campus. This issue was presented by Benjamin Waldon, the ASCEU public relations chair, to the Price City Council. After meeting with the city council, a committee was formed by Mayor Joe Piccolo to see what solutions could be done.

The committee was comprised of Mayor Piccolo, Council-woman Jeanne McEvoy, Benjamin Waldon, Police Chief Aleck Shilaos, City Manager Gary Sontag, Bill Osborn and Officer James Prettyman. The council began meeting last semester for the purpose of improving student safety.

Since this issue was addressed, the crosswalks have been painted, new streetlights have been put up, trees have been trimmed to improve lighting, increased police patrol, lowered speed limits, new speed limit signs added, and a speed trailer has been set up on roads surrounding campus. The committee's plan for safety in the future is new crosswalk signs, repainting crosswalks, repainting and adding concrete to curbs and purchasing flags for students to use while crossing the street.

ASCEU leadership has and will continue to educate students to use the crosswalks safely. At ASCEU Leadership, we want you to know that your voice has been heard. I am excited for this new semester and want you to bring your concerns to us.

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