Jake Satterwaite is a multi-sport athlete

Freshman from Plain City, Utah
Posted Tuesday, October 10, 2017 - 1:11pm

Jake Satterthwaite, a freshman

center-back for the soccer team

at Utah State University Eastern,

comes from Fremont High School

in Plain City, Utah.

He is excited to be a part of

Eastern’s soccer program since he

has been playing soccer since he

could walk.

A life time goal of his was after

high school to make it to the next

level and play soccer in college.

His favorite thing about soccer is

playing with the team and building

an unspoken bond with his fellow


His teams and personal goals

include trying to become better

everyday. He pushes himself and

teammates on and off the field.

This year’s team, he says, is

solid all around, has lots of talent

and he has high hopes for them.

If the team can become unified,

they will play well enough to win

the conference and the conference

tournament this year.

This is a goal that they, as a

team, strive for everyday. Satterthwaite

keeps busy with the student

athlete life between the schooling,

practice, games, workouts, travel

time, etc.

He says that it is a lot more

work than high school, but enjoys

the busy life style. Life at USUE,

he said, is good and he likes the

school a lot.

Price is a little boring, but likes

all the activities that go on campus.

His favorite sport to watch is soccer

and his favorite team is Barcelona.

He looks up to his father, because

he is his role model and hopes to

be just like him.

What motivates him, he said

that success does. He says once

you tasted success you can’t get

enough of it. The thought of it

drives him day to day to become

better and to achieve the goals he’s

set for himself.

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