Kepkay named SWAC Player of the Year, All American

He led the team, conference, nation in scoring in the 2006-07 season
Posted Thursday, April 12, 2007 - 12:00am

Not too much is known about our neighbors to the north. Canada seems like an almost alien world. With this in mind, it is no wonder that I jumped at the opportunity to interview CEU's most well-known athlete Tyler Kepkay. Born on June 19, 1987 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, he is an only child.

It was a surprise to learn basketball was not his first or only sport to play. In addition to basketball, he played soccer and hockey.

Growing up in Vancouver, life was pretty much the same as it would be growing up in any other major city.

From playing pick up games on playgrounds to going to the beach to look for games to play, the only surprising thing is that Kepkay does not like the ocean. In eighth grade he started playing ball for Hansworth Secondary School, during this time one of his coach's convinced him to focus mainly on playing basketball. This paid off when his team placed third in the Provincial Championship his senior year.

After high school Kepkay came to CEU where his game has improved and so has his reputation.

With schools interested in him like St. John's in New York City New York, San Diego State University in San Diego California, Duquesne in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, University of Utah in Salt Lake City Utah, and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln Nebraska, it is fun to think about where he might end up.

When asking about his prospects he said all the schools have been visited. His favorite campus visit was to St. John's because of the school being located in NYC, as well as the atmosphere on campus and around the city.

When a school tries to recruit a player the school will fly the player in to the school, have a nice hotel room waiting for them and treat them to lavish meals in hard to get into restaurants, said Kepkay.

The way he keeps in shape during the off-season is astounding. Various workout routines range from hitting the weights, running various speed and exercise drills, to making a self imposed 500-jump shots before he is done. This workout seems tough both mentally and psychically but to Kepkay it is life as usual.

He most recently was named Player of the Year in the Scenic West Athletic Conference and to the All-American NJCAA team. With the kind of stats he put up at CEU, his goal is to play in the NBA. However, Kepkay does not miss out on the chance to gain an education. He is working towards his degree in sports management, which he can use to become a sports agent or a coach.

When talking about favorite teams in various sports and idols from childhood some interesting points came to light. Since he played soccer as a kid, the question was asked who his favorite national team is.

The answer caught me off guard, not only did I think Canada would be answer, I even said it before giving him a chance to answer. Not only is Canada not his team but it is not on the same continent: Brazil and Italy two-powerhouse teams separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Knowing more than the average American about soccer, I delved deeper and found out that Manchester United and Arsenal are his two-favorite club teams.

Since childhood, the Phoenix Suns have been the NBA team of choice. Two childhood idols were Mario Lemieux and Michael Jordan. Ironically Jordan is not the best player ever in Kepkay's opinion.

The Sun's star, Steve Nash is. When asked why, his said, "Once Steve got into the NBA, won two MVP's in a row and now on his way to a third, with all that he is the player ever."

Finally the topic of how he keeps entertained in Price was brought up. So how does a star athlete keep from going crazy in a place like Price: video games, movies and chillin with friends all help with keeping sanity. The game of choice, well this says it all, "I'm the best FIFA 2007 player ever."

With a family that supports him fully, a father who drives to see some of his games, and several top schools trying to recruit him life is good. It will be interesting to see what happens to our classmate Tyler Kepkay.

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Nice article... not. This disturbed me because of the horrible punctuation mistakes and stupid topics. BOOOO. Lets talk about something important, not how he went to the beach when he was 6, (but didnt like it). BOOO!

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