King's favorite part about CEU is how friendly everyone is on campus


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"When I was younger, if I ever saw a girl that I liked in a store, I would run and hide because I was so afraid to talk to her."

Who would have thought that one of the most well known males around campus, Skyler King, was once afraid to talk to girls. Today not only is he a member of the soccer team, but he is an ambassador at the College of Eastern Utah and talks to a variety of people all of the time.

Even though it is part of his job to be outgoing and talk to people, he still admits that he is a shy guy. "It takes guts for me to talk to a person."

King is the first born of Brad and Tami King and has lived in Price his entire life. He chose to continue his education from Carbon High here at CEU because it was a good financial decision and he didn't want to jump right into a big university.

He received a scholarship at CEU and was a member of the ambassadors for one year before he chose to serve an LDS mission to Mongolia.

King says, "The Mongolian people are the humblest, kindest, most giving people I have ever met. They would spoil you with love. There are families there that lived in a tiny one-room house, but would sacrifice food for you. Even though they know we have money, they want to be a part of you, so they give you stuff."

King hopes to return to Mongolia this summer for a couple of weeks. It's a good thing he's planning that trip for the summer. King said that "Everyday in the winter-time my eye lashes would freeze together."

He is undecided on where he will go to school next year. He is majoring in business, but it has been his goal since high school to be a seminary teacher. However, "Because it is so competitive and not something you can count on even if you do well in school," he may go into something with sales and marketing.

While he has been at CEU and worked in various positions, he still finds his favorite part is how friendly everyone is. "I just like how you can walk from place to place and say hi to everyone and talk to everyone, and they're all friendly."

Besides the organizations at school that King is involved in, he works at TKJ where he helps disabled people and teaches them how to better their lives.

Skyler's hero and the person that he looks up to the most is his dad. "All growing up he did everything he could to be at all of my activities. He would leave places at 3 a.m. to come and see me. He never missed any basketball or soccer games that I played in, and he's always happy, even when hard times come. No matter how hard his day at work was, he always comes home happy for us."

The biggest fear King has is that he has done something to offend someone. If you were to ask people who know him to describe King, there are good odds that they would say he is happy and kind to everyone.

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