Letter to the editor from CEUSA

Posted Friday, March 12, 2010 - 10:59pm

Dear Editor:

An article appeared in the last edition of The Eagle pointing out that CEUSA has had a challenging semester so far. It is bitter-sweet for us as the Student Government of Eastern Utah's Student Association to hear this negative feedback; bitter because it is a hard realization that we have let the student body down. It is also sweet, however, because we now know that the student body is taking notice of what we do and we know that we can turn it around for the last half of Spring semester.

We apologize that it took a formal and public "wake up call" to get us going, but we do make a promise that from this point forward, we will do our best to change what isn't working and make better what is working.

Remember that CEUSA is all students on campus. Student Government has the charge to lead and represent the students in academic, activity and student service areas throughout campus. This is not done merely through activities but through representation on college committees such as President's Cabinet, Board of Trustees, College Senate, Curriculum & Instruction Committee, Price City Council and the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce.

We hope all CEUSA will get involved in the upcoming student government elections and make their voices heard as new leadership prepares to take the lead.

The True Eagle night held Monday, March 1st, was well attended and a great success. We hope this trend continues and that students continue to attend and support the activities that are planned for the rest of the year.

Student Government members are available throughout the day to receive your input and suggestions. Please take advantage of our booth and office hours to discuss improvements in publicity and how to better engage you as students in activities.

To improve this semester we publicly promise to publicize our events more effectively. We promise to bring back the fun to the activities we are sponsoring. We promise that we will be clear and definite with the information we give out. We promise to be on hand for any questions or suggestions any student, staff, or faculty member may have. Help us to keep the excitement of Eastern Utah going through the rest of the year!

Please feel free to contact any of your current elected officers or the advisor at: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

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