A lifestyle: “No Shave November”

Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 6:59pm

Scruff, grizzle, and gruff all come out for No Shave November. The popularity of the man tradition has grown over the past few years via social media and MTV. The rules are simple; don’t shave during November. Females are invited to participate in No Shave November, but the majority do not. There is more to No Shave November than ditching the razor for the month.

No Shave November, is a spoof of movember, a tradition involving growing mustaches in November to raise awareness of prostate cancer. The movement, which began in 2003, raised close to $42 million dollars last year.

The No Shave craze even hit the USU Eastern campus as the Tucker Apartment Complex had a contest for best beards. Results were not available at press time, but one thing is for sure, the results were probably hairy.

Anciently, being clean-shaven was a sign of dishonor. For example the Spartans would partially shave citizens who broke the law, which brought public shame to the individual. Today, beards are generally accepted, but in professional situations it is preferred to be clean-shaven.

“It’s been a ritual I have done since I could grow facial hair. The [baseball] team thought it would be fun to participate in No Shave November,” said sophomore Matt Gochis. Matt Adams, a sophomore from Lindon, UT took a more economic approach to the month, “it saves money on razors, shaving cream, and time in the mornings. I can get out the door quicker during November.”

Whether you grow your beard for fun, to save money or to garner donations for men’s health, No Shave November gives us an excuse to have some fun.

Hairy Facts: Males on average grow 5.5 inches of facial hair per year. The average man will spend 140 days of his life shaving. Egyptians dyed their beards and, if they were wealthy, would weave gold in them. Alexander the Great forced his soldiers to be clean-shaven.

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