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Just about every movie is based on a book or story
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Let me tell you how important and awesome books are. They are the foundation of learning. They are where entertainment comes from. Just about every movie out there is based on a book or story. While just about every human being loves movies, not nearly enough people love reading.

One of my favorite books is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. When most people hear The Lord of the Rings, they thing of the movies, and granted, the movies are amazing and epic. But they would not be so if the books had never been written.

The first book starts at the end of another adventure: Bilbo’s story. Bilbo is living a quiet life. He decides to give his precious ring to his nephew Frodo.

Gandalf the Grey is a wizard and good friends with Bilbo and Frodo. Gandalf discovers that the ring Bilbo found is the one ring that the evil Lord Sauron made to rule all of Middle Earth. Gandalf begs Frodo to take the ring to Rivendell to the elves.

Frodo and his friends Sam, Pippen, and Merry run into Black Riders, servants of Lord Sauron. They meet Aragorn at a pub in Bree. Aragorn ends up being a friend of Gandalf’s, and comes from a long line of kings. Aragorn leads them to Rivendell.

They eventually make it to Rivendell and meet Elrond, the leader of the Elves there. Frodo was hoping to be finished with the ring. They hold a council with the leaders of men, dwarfs,and elves. They decide that the ring must be taken to Mordor and destroyed.

No one can decide who should take it and everyone argues among themselves. Frodo regretfully steps up and decides to take the ring. Humbled by the bravery of the small hobbit, several of the council members decide to join Frodo. Frodo, Sam, Pippen, Merry, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli the Dwarf, Legolas the Elf, and Boromir a leader of men, make up the Fellowship of the Ring.

They all travel towards Mordor, trying to avoid the more dangerous roads, but they eventually have to go through the mines of Moria. The mines of Moria are overrun by orcs. The nine members of the fellowship fight courageously but Gandalf, trying to fight of a Balrog, an evil dragonlike creature, falls to an apparent death. The remaining members of the group dejectedly flee to the forests of Lorien. Lorien is inhabited by Elves.

They help the Fellowship recover and send them on their way. Along the banks of a river the fellowship is torn apart even more. Orcs come and attack, hoping to take Frodo and the ring.

Boromir is slain defending Merry and Pippen. Frodo and Sam escape and start toward Mordor by themselves. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas decide to pursue the Orcs that took Merry and Pippen. Though the fellowship is now broken up, J.R.R. Tolkien does a marvelous job of keeping you in touch with all the characters.

Frodo and Sam capture Gollum. The same Gollum that Bilbo won the ring from so many years before. Gollum steals the show. He is truly evil, but every once in a while shows a glimmer of humanity. Throughout their journey Gollum plots ways to get the ring back, and he will do whatever it takes.

While The Lord of the Rings is a long book, it is well worth the read. To truly know why the movies are so wonderful, you must read the books. They really let you get lost in a world of adventure and excitement.

No other book connects you more with the characters and places as does the Lord of the Rings. With every victory you shout with triumph and with every defeat you cry right along with Frodo, or Aragorn.

The Lord of the Rings is truly a masterfully written story.

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