Math and volleyball strike a match for CEU athlete last season


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Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 12:00am

Who would have ever thought that by taking a boring old math class, you would meet your future husband? College of Eastern Utah's Jen Fisher never thought it would happen to her, but it did.

Fisher met Cody in January of 2003, and after months of dating and a six-month engagement through the fire season, they were married last December.

Fisher is one of CEU's outside hitters this year. She is originally from Idaho Falls, but came to CEU from Idaho State University.

After one semester at ISU, she knew it was not the place for her. Thank goodness for her older sister Liz, who played for CEU five years ago. She had Fisher get in touch with the coach, and here she is today. If it wasn't for her sister, Fisher probably never would have come here.

Volleyball coach Brent Martindale says, "She's good. A really great girl." She is actually only one of many on the team this year that has a sister who played for Martindale five years ago.

It was nice for Fisher to come to a small school rather than a large university. She said, "I remember the first day I came here and people were saying hi to me, I was like what the heck? I'm not used to this! Usually people are mean to me!"

She thinks the best part about CEU is the people here. "The people are what make this place so great. It takes some getting used to ... but I like it here."

Fisher comes third in her family, with two older sisters and a younger brother. Her parents are Rawna and Bo Maestas, and the person she looks up to in her life, "are my parents."

She has been playing volleyball since the fourth grade, and her parents have always made an effort to come to every single one of her games. Her dad used travel for hours so he could watch her play, even with little sleep. Her parents "have always been really good at supporting" her.

She hopes this year to "bond with the team and get close relationships." There is a lot of talent on the team this year. All of the ladies are great players; all are on about the same level. "Pretty much everyone on the team is really good, we don't have any weak players," she says. "So I think that is going to help a lot."

However, according to her husband, "She's the best!"

Fisher is majoring in psychology and hopes to become a social worker one day. After this year, she and Cody will most likely head up to Weber State. Until then, hopefully Jen will be able to psych out the other team while on the court this season!

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