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Posted Thursday, September 27, 2007 - 12:00am

Many have probably heard about the book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, which was released in October 2005.

Twilight is the story of an average teenage girl who moves to the cloudiest peninsula in the United States – the Olympic Peninsula.   Isabella Swan, aka Bella, moves to the small town of Forks, Wash., to live with her father after her mother gets married to an amateur baseball player.   She hates living in Forks, until she meets a strikingly gorgeous teenager in her biology class.

At first, Edward avoids Bella to her dismay.   One fateful day after Edward miraculously saves Bella from being squashed by a car, they start talking again.   She notices strange things, like how his eyes change colors from golden to black, how strangely graceful he was and how he could move extremely fast and was Herculean strong.  

Leaning on those and a folk lore Jacob Black, a family friend from the Quileute Reservation, told her, she realizes what Edward and his family were.  


Not only are they vampires, but they do not suck human blood.   They call themselves "vegetarians" because instead of feasting on humans, they refrain and only drink animal blood.

After this, Bella realizes that she is in love with Edward and that it does not matter if he was a vampire or not.   She loves him enough that she wants to become a vampire so she can be with him forever.

The story continues as Bella meets the rest of the Cullen family and plays baseball with them one stormy night.   Everything is going great until suddenly Alice, Edward's precognitive sister, sees that three nomadic vampires are coming to see the Cullens.

Events spiral into disaster as one of the vampires, James decides that chasing and killing Bella is the greatest game he's ever played, and starts to hunt her.   Edward and the rest of the Cullens do everything in their power to protect her.

If the story line has caught your attention, move onto read New Moon and Eclipse, Meyer's next two novels in the acclaimed Twilight Series. Talking about the first book, Twilight, CEU student Jordan Burrows said, "Twilight is an exciting thriller. It's good for girls and guys--girls for the romance, guys you have your little more vile parts."

"They're kind of slow to start out with. The second one is too fricking slow, more romantic parts, struggles, emotions; it's anticipating."

New Moon continues the romance of Edward and Bella, until Bella's eighteenth birthday. When Bella gets a paper cut,  Jasper, who is not as used to restraining from blood as the rest of the Cullens, tries to kill Bella, but Edward saves her.   Because of this accident, Edward realizes that Bella should not be around him and his vampire family.   The Cullens leave, leaving Bella in a zombie-like state.  

Bella finally gets out of her depression when she goes to see her old friend, Jacob Black.   Jacob is her sunshine in a cloudy world, and so she owes a lot to him.   But Jacob has a secret, one that Bella can't know.   He pushes her away, until finally, she figures out his secret.

He is a werewolf.

The Quileute tribe has a story about how one of their ancestor's spirit was able to enter the body of a wolf, making him a werewolf.   A werewolf only has on enemy; the Cold Ones.   So, in times of need – when there are vampires near – the Quileute youth are turned into werewolves.

Destructive behavior, like cliff jumping and riding motorcycles, leads Edward to believe that Bella has died, which sends him to the Volturi, a "royal" vampire family.   See, Edward still loved Bella, and left her for her own good.   So believing that Bella had died pushed Edward to the limit; he can not commit suicide (it's much to hard for a vampire to kill himself), so he went to the Volturi, who would kill him, if he gave the vampire secret away.   Which he tries to do.

Alice doesn't believe that Bella is dead, and so goes back to Forks.   When they find out what Edward plans to do, they race to Italy to save him.

Eclipse takes Edward and Bella's love even further, but now there is another man in Bella's life; Jacob.   Bella does not love Jacob as she does Edward, but he still saved her when Edward left.   Plus, they are mortal enemies.   Now Bella much decide who she loves more.

A nightmare from the past comes again, forcing the vampires to work alongside the werewolves to save Bella's life.

Bella finally figures out who she can't live without, and although it hurts her, she tells each guy how she feels and who she chooses.

Now, these are not only females' romance novel.   A few guys who have read the Twilight Saga, and they like it. So whether you're a male or female, many recommend reading these books by Stepenie Meyer.

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