New signage replaces 48-year-old marquee

Signage designed by Logan firm to follow USU Logan guidelines
Posted Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - 6:52pm

After gracing the corner of 300 East and 400 North for 48 years, the marquee is being retired and new USU signage will be added. In an e-mail from Brad King, vice chancellor of administration and advancement, he said the design took two years to plan and design by personnel from the Price and the Logan campuses. “The current sign and marquee were built and donated by the Circle K Club in 1963-’64.”  

The bronze Eagle sculpture was created by James Young, art faculty for 37 years, will be transferred from its present location on the marquee to the new monolith. King wrote that this should take place in the next couple of weeks.  The same sign, minus the Eagle sculpture, will be also erected on the Blanding Campus.

The signs were designed as to create consistency and unity amongst the USU campuses.

What will be missed with the USU Eastern marquee being taken down is the weekly reminders of campus activities. USU Logan does not have any outdoor signage advertising activities, thus the regional campuses will adhere to the same policy.

King said that campus will have to be creative in how it advertises its activities to the campus community.

According to Jordy Guth, facilities planning, design and construction on the Logan campus, the price of the new sign is about $25,000. Construction is expected to begin with the next few weeks and should be completed within six weeks. The sign firm doing the work is Superior Sign in Logan.

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