Nursing associate professor retiring

Posted Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 7:30pm

After 28 years of working at USU Eastern, Donna Cartwright, Ed.D., is retiring as associate professor of nursing. Cartwright began working at USU Eastern, which was the College of Eastern Utah, in January 1985. When she first started working, there was only a practical nursing program available. During her career, she has been able to see the nursing program grow from something small, into an associate’s degree program.

Cartwright’s favorite part about working at USU Eastern was seeing the confidence in the students as they grew as individual people and nurses. One of the things that Cartwright is going to miss the most about USU Eastern is the people. She is going to miss the students, faculty and staff and the many challenges that come with the nursing program and helping people. She will especially miss her Pharmacology class, which is her favorite to teach on campus.

If money was not an option, and Cartwright could work anywhere in the world, she would choose the same profession as a nurse and professor. She will never forget the many memories that this profession has brought into her life. One memory that she often recalls happened while working at USU Eastern. She remembers getting a bouquet of flowers from some faculty members in the welding department after she sent them a demanding e-mail.

For Cartwright’s retirement, she plans to continue to give to the community and do some volunteer work. She also plans to spend time with her family and travel on a dream vacation.

When it comes to nursing and working in this field, there are many instances that are unexpected and crazy. Unfortunately, there are also times of sadness and grief. According to Cartwright, the craziest or saddest thing that she has encountered while working in this field is seeing the self destruction that happens to people as patients, employees and life in general.

Although working in this field can have its hard times, it can also have its rewarding times. She finds incredible fulfillment in this field of work. “Taking all things into consideration, the different responsibilities and activities I have participated in and people I have worked with have made my years here a wonderful place to spend almost half of my life.”

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