Optimistic words from the president

Posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 6:57pm

Progress has been made and student government will likely deliver on their promises. Student Association President Thomas Garvin is optimistic about the upcoming semester after the progress made in the first.

Progress can be seen visibly as more students take part in school activities, more student issues are brought to light, and on paper, the college is getting closer to the construction of more buildings. These were among the major goals of the current student association leadership when they took office last spring semester. There is no doubt planning and excitement is happening in the minds of Garvin and his vice-executives.

The student association has found the recent reorganizational layoff protests, True Eagle Night, Education-First Drive, among other events to be extremely successful as far as participation. With these successes, student government has great hopes for a plethora of upcoming events such as the white-out dance this weekend.

In spite of the change of student association adviser; reorganization of student services, and changes in the number of ranking members of EUSA, Garvin feels that progress will continue to be made throughout the next semester.

Among the goals most pertinent to most students, the student association intends to lower the student fees next year by $25 to make USU-Eastern the most cost-efficient college in Utah. Other goals include, raising the scholarships offered to future student government officials, moving the college closer to having a smoking center plus a music and education building, and creating a more amicable environment for students.

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