Parking lots or demolition derby


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Derby's are a great attraction, most people go to watch the cars wreck, but luckily for the students at College of Eastern Utah, they only have to look out their apartment window to see something like that happen. This has been the entertainment for some of the residential hall residents many times this year.

So far this year, there have been less wrecks than most years, but enough to catch the attention of a lot of college students. There have been five this year including one hit and run, well on the way to the average 11 a year.

Even with all these wrecks there is not much anyone can do about them, "Most of the accidents that happen in the parking lot are at low speeds and are backing accidents. There is not much you can do about that," says campus Police Officer James Prettyman.

"Usually there is not a citation given to the people that are in the wreck. If it's a case that might end up in court, and the officer knows who is at fault, then there will probably be one given," Prettyman said.

The citations include; failure to control your vehicle, and driving to fast for existing conditions.

"The latest wreck happened in the Tucker parking lot when the driver was not driving fast, but just ran into the light pole and damaged his car. The driver was not cited because no one was hurt and fixing it will be a good enough," said Prettyman.

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