Parkinson: a player with goals and a captain with confidence


Posted Friday, October 22, 2010 - 11:30am

To be happy: a seemingly simple principal to implement into your life and the principal Miranda Parkinson tries everyday to live.

As one of the new 2010-2011 USU-CEU volleyball team captains, Parkinson states, “Life is worth being happy, and when it rains you have to learn to dance in the rainstorm.”

Parkinson, number ten, is an outside hitter. She grew up in Lehi, Utah; she started playing volleyball in fifth grade. That year, she had difficulty finding happiness when a life-changing occurrence took place. She decided to set a goal to do her best everyday to be happy and uplift others.

Volleyball contributed to her happiness and kept her busy in the summer. Eventually that little hobby turned into her passion.

While growing up, she continued playing volleyball but had a love for basketball on the side. In her sophomore year, of high school, she played basketball. After that year she knew she wanted to pursue her love for volleyball. She set her focus there from then on and doesn’t regret her decision.

Parkinson says her hero is most definitely her dad. During her entire volleyball career, he has always been there for her. He is always the one sitting in the stands cheering her on and pumping her up. Not only has he provided her with all her financial volleyball needs but encourages her to be the very best she can.

After graduating high school, she had many offers to play volleyball at different schools such as Salt Lake Community College and Southern Utah University. She settled with the offer from CEU and headed down to Price.

Parkinson that what makes CEU different is the small community and campus, which gives you a family-like closeness with your classmates; you wouldn’t get at a bigger school or university. She is lucky enough to have family here, which is another contributing factor in her decision to attend CEU. Her favorite class is racquetball and she is planning to pursue dental hygiene.

The team is more than half way through the season with a record of 7-12. Parkinson says the goal for the rest of the season is to win the remaining games. She is confident they can accomplish. The low of the season was taking North Idaho College Cardinals into five games where they lost the nail biter two games to three. The highlight of the season was the win this past weekend against Salt Lake Community College, which is a feat which has not been accomplished by a CEU volleyball team in a long time.

Parkinson is glad she came to CEU. She ready for the remaining games so they can accomplish their goals. She will continue to implement her simple principal of being happy everyday, and learn to dance in the rainstorm.

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