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USUE police explain crime status's on campus
Posted Wednesday, March 23, 2016 - 6:39pm

2015-2016 has been quite the year for campus police. Lynn Archuleta, USU Eastern police sergeant, explained that, “there have been several violations or arrests this year.” The most recent incident involved three students. This incident was in relation to marijuana use and possession.

Most of these occurrences seem to go through a criminal passage, meaning that there was a citation arrest or physical arrest and they have to go through the court system. Most people seem to think of an arrest as physical with handcuffs and transportation to jail. However, this isn’t the case. An arrest can also be an issue of a citation to the guilty party.

Another route that can be taken is through the USU Eastern student code of conduct. In this instance, the student would have to interact with Jeff Spears, residential life director, or Greg Dart, vice chancellor of enrollment management, to resolve the problem and discuss the student code of conduct.

Archuleta said, “For both routes, there can be a fine to pay or hours to work off. Whether they go through the judicial/court system, or through the school, this tends to be a result. “Students generally have to go through one system or the other. They don’t usually have to go through both the judicial and school system. It doesn’t happen often that they experience both systems.”

Since combining with Logan’s USU campus, the way things are handled here on campus have become more intertwined with Logan. Archuleta’s boss, also resides there. For more information on campus safety and police, Archuleta provided a website link: https://usueastern.edu/price/campus¬safety/index.

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